Monday, January 3, 2011

City&Country: Affordable homes in Seremban good for GUH

Visited Seremban last weekend, since got some times, I try to "browse browse see see" the property in Seremban area. Cause I have perception that Seremban property is like Ipoh, probably could get a decent bungalow with just RM400k.

The hottest area in Seremban now is call Seremban 2, mainly developed by IJM. Browsed IJM land website ( , and I am quite shock to see the selling price of the property at this area !

A double story is selling at RM300k, and a double storey bungalow is selling at RM1 million ++ !!

I am so outdated !!! Then today saw this article "City&Country: Affordable homes in Seremban good for GUH", concluded that Seremban price is no longer as cheap as I thought, it is approaching KL price now, maybe on par with Kajang and Sg Buloh price .... no eye see....

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