Sunday, June 27, 2010

Kuchai Avenue - The Magic of Kuchai

Kuchai Lama, the first impression I have is traffic jam, over crowded, small road serving many house and condo, complicated and etc. That is why I never turn on my radar in this area. However, my friend prove me wrong. Kuchai Avenue wake me up and I am watching this area closely now.

Brief Introduction:

- Friend of mine bought this service apartment 3 years ago, at price around RM170k for about 935 sf apartment.

- In early 2010, he sold it for RM245k, minus all cost, pocket in about RM45k.

- Today, June-2010, the apartment is selling at RM260k-EM280k in the market. Translated to about ~RM60k-RM80k for 3 years investment. Not bad at all ! In fact, is very good return for RM170k property , with entry cost about RM30k?

When I heard about it, I keep wondering what is so good about this project? How come it can fetch so good price? Isn't this apartment crowded (~600 units)?

Until I visited the apartment, I am quite impress with the quality of the work, done by the developer Akisama, not bad at all for a RM170k apartment. In fact, it is way better quality than other RM170k condo I saw before.

Kuchai Lama, heavily populated by Chinese, they just love this area. Easy place to find food, and near distance to KL, great access toad to major highway. In fact, it is ok even no LRT at this area.

Recent new launch project in Kuchai - Residensi Desa & G - Residence is already selling at >RM300psf. Heard the upcoming See Hoy Chan project is going to hit RM400psf ceiling too. Kuchai, kuchai, kuchai, the property in this area is no less than PJ nowaday.

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