Wednesday, December 8, 2010


My condo renovation is near the end, renovation work should be complete by next week. During these few months periods, I have deals with about 20-30 contractors/suppliers/seller for different works & products.

I consider myself as a very details person, with project planning, budget, technical drawing and design. I prepare all these "documents" myself as I want to ensure the house is design as per my wish, and more importantly is, I don't really "trust" renovation contractors.....

In these few months, I notice that finding a contractor whom offer good price is important, finding a contractor that is friendly and helpful is quite important, finding a contractor that is flexible and "discuss-able" more important !

Reason being is no matter how details a person is, you will sure miss out something, either your designer/contractor forget to tell you, or don't want to tell you. When you trap by this kind of situation, only those "flexible contractor" can help you.

I have many examples in this case, but most memorable one is with YT Lighting Puchong, whereby I bought 6 units of fan from them as they are authorized KDK dealer, and they offer good price. The lady boss is a very friendly person during the sales process. But, when I notice that one of the fan cover is missing from the box, I try to contact her to get a replacement. Suddenly a friendly boss become a bitchy boss. She claim I lost the cover, and not willing to provide me the replacement. The only thing she will do is contact KDK factory and get them check whether the fans cover is missing during packing at factory. WTF! What kind of reason and excuse is this? Cheap & Friendly boss, now I learnt another lesson....

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