Sunday, June 8, 2014

Development surrounding seksyen 13 Petaling Jaya

Recently I saw many launch in this area. Pacific Star near Jaya One, PJ Midtown and D'Vougue near Nissan showroom.

All are selling at sky high price. Or maybe is because I still stop at old pricing. I still cannot accept the fact paying RM800 psf and onwards for a leasehold commercial condo.

PJ Midtown is join development between few prominent developers (Sime, IOI, Brunsfields). Pacific Star and D'Vougue is by new incumbent, who just recently delivered their maiden project (Pacific Place at Ara Damansara and CentreStage at Seksyen 13).

Personally I like PJ Midtown project more than others. The only thing I don't like is too many taiko on same plate, not sure how they compromise with each other when all are equally big.

I quite impress with the quality of work by Pacific Place, or I should say their final product is on par (maybe better) than many big player in industry.

Among all, only D'Vougue come out with creative scheme. Which could be good for those who want to enter the market.

Still, I cannot accept the fact to pay RM500k for a 1 room condo. The price range is way behind a reasonable working salary. Maybe you need a couple to work together only able to pay the monthly installment for a 1 room condo.

If this is the trend, either people will continue rent instead of buy, or our government do something to help increase the salary of the working people in Malaysia.

Recently I saw a survey about income vs expense at MauKerja Job Recruitment website. Majority of the workers say that their income is not enough to cover the expenses. Means they are living on credit. If this is a problem to majority of Malaysia, then property buying is only open to those "rich people" very very soon.

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