Friday, December 2, 2011

Kena Tipu Dah !

What is your understanding for those wording in the promotion below?

My interpretation (version 1): If I register through this website and also be the first 100 buyers of this property, I will get an iPad.

I went to the launch with few friends, and two of them purchased the property. When my friends ask UOA Sales agent about this free iPad, this is UOA interpretation (version 2): need to be the first 100 who sign the S&P, then only can get the iPad.

FYI, UOA usually will give additional 1% discount to their repeat customer, which I consider something positive and good to join as UOA member.

Both my friends who bought this property: Mr A, who is previous purchaser of UOA property, and Mr B, who is first time purchaser of UOA property signed their loan & S&P within 2 weeks.

Today, UOA informed my friend about the iPad news (version 3):
Mr A, you will not get the iPad lar, because you are UOA member. We have give you additional 1% discount already. But no worry, Mr B will get it because he is not UOA member.

I dunno want to laugh or cry. But definately feel sorry for my friend Mr A who rush to sign the S&P, but eventually told by UOA (last minutes version) that he is not entitle for the iPad eventhough he is first 100 purchaser. Seem like sometimes, there is negative point to be so call UOA "privilege members" :)

I told my friends, there is nothing you can do about this, because, if you see the image above carefully, there is a powerful word there - "terms and condition apply". The details terms and conditions was not spell out clearly, so the promoter can define the terms and condition as anything they want. Lesson learnt: Things like this (free iPad and etc), you better be careful even though the promotion is run by listed company.


  1. I'm told that not "first 100 to sign SPA" but first 100 signed SPA to be stamped. If that's the case, the internal people can easily play around with their own... so unfair..

  2. S&P only got date, and i presume send document for stamping by batch, moreover Le Yuan S&P is handle by six different lawyer firms. Wonder how UOA choose the first 100 then. Let's wait and see how a listed company sort this out :)

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