Monday, August 22, 2011

Australia Property

Recently attended Australia Property Exhibition, quite impress with the way the Mat Salleh market and sell their property. Quite different with how local developer sell their project.

In Malaysia, you just need a brochure and price chart, you can start make sales even without sample house.

For Australia property, they will start by give a briefing. They share with why people choose to live in Australia, how good is Australia economy. Then they zoom into specific state, why most of the expat choose to live in Melbourne. Subsequently zoom further to their property, how its stand out among other properties in Melbourne. They start share the reason to buy from them, how they can help you manage your oversea investment and etc. They even brought together Australian lawyer to show you how secure is it to purchase property from them, as purchaser will be protected by the Australian law...

After hearing those points, it make me feel like moving there :) Anyhow, if you have time, no harm go and visit this type of oversea property launch, learn how other people view in term of property investment ....

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